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    A&E by Stephen Gutierrez: Trust is something everyone is faced with in some part of their daily lives. To trust is to take a risk in its own right and may trouble us if we were to think about it. Read More
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    A&E by Isaac Flores: Finished with the Spring Festival, the Granite Hills High School choir is shifting its focus towards the upcoming California Music Educators Association (CMEA) Festival. Read More
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    A&E by Manuel Leon: The Granite Hills High School band is wrapping up their school year with their Annual Spring Concert. Read More
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  • 2014 Spring Fashion essentials

by Yvette Teran:

Rain, Bee's, and allergies that's when you know the time of spring is here.

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The fourth album released from Chevelle, also the most popular among the community of Porterville.(Photo courtesy of Chevelle/April 4, 2012)

By Madison Rice

In a small community where words virtually travel faster than cars, it is no wonder this band has become famous within the city limits of Porterville.

An alternative metal band entitled “Chevelle,” surfaced into the spotlight from its release of “Wonder what’s next” in 2002, with their hit song “The Red.” Much inspiration for the band’s sound and style choice was created from the band Tool, a 90’s band. The name of the band was actually derived from the car, the Chevy Chevelle.

“Chevelle, in my mind, is among the greatest rock bands in history,” stated sophomore Johnny Roman.

The band originated from Grayslake, Illinois. In the beginning, the band was composed of two brothers and a close friend. Members, Pete Loeffler (singer/guitar), Sam Loeffler (drummer), and Matt Scott (back-up singer and bassist) were the first members of the band.

Matt Scott left the band just as soon as he had joined the band. Only one position was left vacant after Scott, only to be filled by Dean Bernardini, Pete and Sam’s brother-in-law.

Vena Sera “hit the fan” on April 7, 2007. Making it the fourth consecutive album released by the band. The title of the album released Vena Sera. In Latin, Vena Sera refers to “vein liquid” or “blood.”

“Vena Sera is most likely the best album from Chevelle, I actually love every single song from that specific album. More so than any of the other albums, at least. The only other song that I did like that was not a part of Vena Sera was “The Red” accompanied by their new song “Face to the Floor,” stated senior Edfil Dulay of Harmony Magnet Academy, a local band activist.

Many of the songs that went unpublished by the band in previous years were placed on the Vena Sera album. All songs were written and composed by Pete Loeffler, Sam Loeffler and Dean Bernardini, excluding the song "Delivery" by Compulsion.

Many of the songs produced had some meaning to each and every band member, with the exception of the song created by Compulsion. An example is “The Red” dealing with anger management issues. The video posted to YouTube entitled, “The Red” gained nearly 2,495,471 views.

“The sound they produce is really abstract from any other music, besides AC/DC,” stated junior Brad Stailey.

What makes this band so great is the fact that they do not sing about any given topic, their songs range from the topic of love to how anger management can take its toll on a person.

Chevelle is just like any other band, but what sets them apart from other bands is the drive they have to produce good music that people will enjoy. The music they produce leaves an everlasting impression of a catchy chorus and tune, one that will always be remembered.

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